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Plumbing Renovations
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W.L. Vorhies Plumbing and Heating in the Washington area

Whether you are rehabbing an old brownstone in DC, or adding a new bathroom or finishing a basement, W.L. Vorhies is here for you.  We can add radiant floor heat to the equation for you also.  If you tubs and toilets are pink, or grey, your house was probably constructed in the 1950's.  Eventually you will have to replace them, even if it is only to make the house marketable.  You might as well enjoy the new fixtures yourself if you're going to have to pay for them eventually.

Newer designs are much more environmentally friendly, more ergonomic, and can be very efficient.

We can also replace copper pipe if you're experiencing pin-hole leaks, and unclog those pesky drains and root-infested sanitary systems.

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