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We can fix broken pipes, unclog drains, repair broken appliances, and are experts at new construction and renovations. Hot Water Heaters are our forte!

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Hot Water Heater Replacement

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High Efficiency Water Heaters in NOVA- Northern Virginia.

Conventional storage water heater fuel sources include natural gas, propane, fuel oil, and electricity. All conventional water heaters store hot water 24 hours per day in a storage tank, typically ranging in volume from 20 to 120 gallons.  Manufacturers have made great efficiency gains in the last decades in hot water heaters.


To minimize stand-by losses you should consider ter heaters that offer higher levels of tank insulation. Often the lowest-priced storage water heater may be the most expensive to operate and maintain over its lifetime.

There will always be hot water. Endless hot water - for bathing, cooking, dishes, laundry, and all the other countless ways hot water enriches our lives. We carry a wide variety of gas tank water heaters.  

They are often the lowest installed cost choice for replacing an existing system.

 Vorhies can install a new energy-efficient hot water heater TODAY.  Call us for your Plumbing and Heating in NOVA- Northern Virginia.

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